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The Navigation Warehouse

Warehouse2006The 18th century warehouse - a symbol of the town's prosperity in the days when the wool and corn trade played a leading role in the economy is well worth a visit!

The Warehouse has been known by several names including Nell's Warehouse and features in the Padley Survey of 1828, which can be found in the Louth Navigation History Project.




The building was restored in 1999 to the highest environmental standards using the latest green technologies, whilst retaining most of the original fabric. The original bricks were made locally and the Scandinavian pitch pine timbers, imported by sea via Hull and the canal, are still in as good a condition as in 1770 when they were installed. Many of the timber joints retain the numbers carved on them by the carpenters who fitted them.

The partners involved in the restoration were the Louth Navigation Trust and Groundwork Lincs, who worked closely together to bring the scheme to fruition.The supervising architect was L. Holmes of Binbrook. The building is now owned and managed by Groundwork Lincs.

There are three floors, and exterior decking round the ground floor enttrance extending over the Riverhead.

The ground floor consists of a meeting room with (disabled access) and an office. On the first floor is the office of Groundwork.

On the second floor the Tod Room (so called after the standard measure of 28 lbs. of wool) accommodates the offices of the Lincolnshire Wolds Countryside Service. There is also a smaller Corn room which is the office of the Louth Navigation Trust.

The Warehouse has now achieved its aims of being an educational, social and meeting venue.  Presentations, talks and walks relating to the canal's past, present and future, are available for voluntary groups, school parties and others. (Please see the contacts page for details). The Navigation Warehouse is the catalyst for the regeneration of the Riverhead area and the canal; plans for which are  already in progress.