Town Lock 

town lockThe Tilting Weir on the site of
Town Lock - Louth 

The old Town Lock was the highest lock on the canal, although Grundy had originally planned one higher, about half a mile nearer the town centre. This idea was abandoned in order to save money. The lock itself was replaced by the tilting weir as part of Louth's flood defences. The gates can be lowered in order to raise water levels back to riverhead or can be raised to let more water out.

In time this mechanism will have to be completely replaced by a new lock

Grid Reference:     TF 340 881

State of Lock:   Non-existent  

Renovation to Date:     Replaced by Tilting Weir

Future Plans:    New Lock


town lockThese two images, left and below, taken in May 2006 show the Tilting Weir from both sides of the canal banks at Riverhead. The gates are monitored by the Environment Agency from Peterborough, and water levels are controlled electronically. As a major part of Louth's flood defence system, these defences will have to be built in to the new lock.

town lock
On the far bank in this picture is the site of the old lock keepers cottage, which has only recently been demolished. The Trust is now committed to preserving as much of the canal's heritage as is possible and is seeking to work with local landowners to preserve the remaining buildings.