Tetney Lock 

Aerial view of Tetney - showing site of Lock
and the Tilting Weir LNTLogoAerial view of Tetney Lock

Grid Reference: TA 342 021  

State of Lock:   No longer exists  

Renovation to Date: Replaced by road bridge

Future Plans: New lock

The image on the right, taken in March 2006, shows the old site of Tetney Lock, which has been completely demolished. In its place is this road bridge which carries traffic on the old coast road. A new lock will have to be built either above or below the bridge and a decision made as to whether to re-instate some wharfage. At the moment it is envisaged that this will be one of the last structures to be reinstated, although it is hoped to have smaller craft back on this stretch of the canal by 2008. This is the site of the annual Tetney raft race.


This image, on the north-east bank of the canal, shows the site of the old wharf, also completely demolished. The private road at the top is called old wharf road and is flanked on one side by private houses and the old clay pits, now a recreational fisheries.Tetney Lock Wharf