List of Canal Shareholders - October 1840

From the identification made so far of the leading shareholders it is clear that they are a different socio-economic group to the Canal Commissioners listed in 1866. They would seem to come predominantly from the gentry class. These were people of independent means who were not necessarily dependent on trade, commerce or a profession as were the Commissioners. In particular the Chaplins were a very significant influential landed family in Lincolnshire, as were the Sibthorpes. Nobody so far has been identified as living near the commercial source of the wealth unlike merchants such as the Nells, Norfolks and Suttons. The gentry lived in their own area of Louth towards the western limits of the town. It is possible that Elizabeth Goe may be connected to the family of Goe & Wilson Solicitors based in Westgate in 1849. The major shareholder Isle Grant has not yet been identified but Grants are listed as gentry in 1828 in Louth. An Isle Grant was christened 30 April 1804 at Burgh-le-Marsh. A John Charles Giradot was christened at Saint Mary, Saint Marylebone Road, London 27 April 1771.

A Table of Louth Canal Shareholders can be viewed or downloaded here.

The sources used to identify the shareholders were the following:

Pigots Directories 1828 & 1835;

A Directory of 1849 in 'William Brown and the Louth Panorama' C. Sturman & D. Robinson;

and parish records using the Family Search International Genealogical Index.