Salterfen Lock 

SalterfenSalterfen Lock - approach from upstream

Grid Reference: TF 357 902  

State of Lock:   Poor  

Renovation to Date: Nil

Future Plans: Complete Restoration


SalterfenThe approach from upstream, above, shows the poor state that this very beautiful lock is in. The image on the right showing the north-west wall of the lock, gives some idea of how the brickwork in the barrels has deteriorated. This presents the Trust with a major problem. Because the lock is listed grade II, it will have to be restored completely to its original design. Fortunately there are no major impediments such as bridges or roads nearby. However, downstream on the south-east bank there is a sewage treatment works which discharges clear effluent into the canal immediately below the down-stream approach. This could present the Trust with restoration problems and will involve detailed liaison with the Drainage Board and the Environment Agency.

SaltfenThe image to the left shows a detail of the north-west wall, where a bow on the barrels has started to buckle and crumble. Note the state of the supporting timber which has been in place since 1770, but will now have to be replaced. It is vital for the Trust to start restoration as soon as is possible to prevent further erosion.