OutFen Lock 

Grid Reference: TF 374 924 

State of Lock:   Poor  

Renovation to Date: Nil

Future Plans: Complete restoration

OutfenOutfen Lock - South Wall with Cill

Outfen LockOutfen Lock is the only remaining straight-sided lock on the canal, although at least two more will have to be re-instated. Top Lock at Louth and Tetney Lock. After Outfen the canal runs on the level for approximately seven miles. The next Lock used to be Tetney Lock. The Trust are hoping to reintroduce boating to this stretch as early as 2008 after having dealt with a major obstruction. The scheme is dependent on no water levels changing at this stage of the restoration. This image shows the approach to Outfen from upstream.

OutfenThe approach from downstream shows part of the fen drainage system on the left of the picture and in the distance the north wall of the lock. This wall is now in a parlous state of repair and is mostly restrained by gambions. The first picture shows the south wall in a much better state of repair. However, this lock is not listed and can be entirely rebuilt where necessary. Note also the relatively shallow cill compared with the fall at Keddington Lock & Ticklepenny Lock.