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Louth Flood Defences

Back in 2009 the Environment Agency (EA) produced a "Louth Coastal Catchment Flood Management Plan". This covered the area from roughly Humberston Fitties down to Gibraltar Point and the River Steeping, and inland to the Wolds watershed. For the Louth area, it recommended wo reservoirs be built outside the A16 Louth bypass to reduce the risk of flooding to 355 properties in Louth One reservoir is now being built off the A157 just west of the A16, and the other is off Halfpenny Lane, also next to the A16.Planning permission was granted by East Lindsey District Council in April 2015

The 6.5m Louth scheme is funded and delivered by a partnership of Lincolnshire County Council, the EA, East Lindsey District Council, and the Lindsey Marsh and Witham Third District Internal Drainage Boards. On-going maintenance will be funded by Louth Town Council. The EA has led in developing the scheme and construction is by their contractors, VBA Joint Venture Ltd, a partnership of Volker-Stevin, Boskalis Westminster, and Atkins, who have also undertaken work on the Middlewood locks in Manchester, the Prescott Channel on the Olympic site in London, and coastal defences from Clacton Pier to Holland Haven in Essex.

In October members of LNT were kindly invited by the Town Clerk, Linda Blankley, to join a visit to the Hallington site arranged for Town Councillors and others interested. After a thorough safety briefing by the Site Agent Matt Parkinson and the adoption of hard hats and visitor badges, we were shown the extent of the new reservoir (or lagoon or artificial washland). The course of the river had been diverted from the original line to allow a new embankment of about 200 m circumference around a section of the valley, and giving a maximum potential water depth of about 7.5m when full. In the middle of the embanked area a new "control tower" was being erected on the original stream bed with a lattice of reinforcing steel bars and poured concrete. Within the tower, but not yet fitted, there would be an automatic flow control device called a "hydro-brake", a novelty in the UK, and needing no external power supply.

A very interesting video of an aerial trip along the Canal from North Coates to Louth Riverhead July 2017. Thanks to Richard Carbutt
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by James Rendall
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