William Major or Mager - Butcher

The 1841 census shows the Riverhead area to have contained a broad cross - section of Georgian urban society.

William Major, although a tradesman, was visibly laying claim to middle class status by his maintenance of three female servants and one man servant as well as two apprentices.

This was a large and obviously prosperous household and compares well with the more obviously established middle class households such as the Nells and the Norfolks.

UK 1841 Census Returns: Lincolnshire, Louth
Name Age (male) Age (female) Occupation County of Birth
William Mager* 30   Butcher Lincs
Maria Mager   30   Lincs
Jane Mager   11    Lincs
Eliza Mager   7   Lincs
Mary Mager   4    Lincs
Ann Aisling   20 Female Servant Lincs
Elizabeth ???   14 Female Servant Lincs
Ann King   30 Female Servant Lincs
George Burton 25   Man Servant Lincs
John Smith 15   Butcher's Apprentice Lincs
George Foster 15   Butcher's Apprentice Lincs
* Also Pigot & Co's 1828 Directory for Lincolnshire, as well as the Padley Survey