Lexicon of Terms used on this site

Commissioner: A board of commissioners was set up under the Act of 1763 to raise money for the construction of the canal from shareholders, before it was able to produce an income from tolls. They were represented by the clerk of the commissioners.

Enclosure: Louth 1805 enclosure award ended the manorial open field system of three open fields. East, West and North.

Feoffee: Beneficiary of enfeoffment; one who holds in trust. In this case one who acts as a trustee of land granted for charitable purposes to distribute alms. From fief; and early conveyance of freehold.

Ings: Old Norse or Viking word meaning either marshy land or land subject to seasonal flooding. Can also mean land lying on or below sea level. Use confined to North England. Extensive place name use in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Shareholder: Originally subscriber. How money for the construction of the Louth Navigation was raised. There were several issues of shares or subscriptions. Shares were supposed to have returned at various times either a 4% or 5% dividend.

Wharfinger: Owner of wharf where vessels are unloaded, cargoes shipped and unshipped etc.