Keddington Lock 

KeddingtonKeddington Lock - Showing Steps and Cill
March 2006

Grid Reference: TF 345 884  

State of Lock:   Very Poor  

Status:   Not Listed

Renovation to Date:     Environment Agency have restrained crumbling brickwork with gabions

Future Plans:    Complete Restoration   Preservation of old & build new lock

Keddington Lock is the second lock gambionsaway from Louth. The canal is crossed here by a small footbridge which has been built over a former part of the lock itself.

Clearly visible along both sides of the lock are the gabions put in by the Environment Agency to prevent the brickwork from falling into the canal.

The picture on the right, also taken in March 2006, shows the lock from the south bank looking north-west.

Recent photographs showing the continued deterioration of Keddington Lock from May 2009 kindly submitted by Peter O'Callaghan.